ATrA's main objective is to participate to the international debate on the issue of identity and identity declinations in unstable contexts, continuously modified due to external contacts and influences, in a world which is more and more conforming to the logics of economic and cultural globalization. The main issues are two:
1) collecting first hand comparative data, based on field researches on 11 case studies in contexts which have never been studied before, 7 of which modern and 4 historical;
2) on the basis of a serious interdisciplinary analysis of the data coming from the fieldwork, trying a general interpretation of the problems identified, which can be detached from the actual historical, geographical and economical context and can represent a methodological and interpretive reference model also for other situations in other geographical, linguistic and cultural milieux characterized by economical, political and social instability.

In this perspective the study of relational categories (Classen 1993), which unconsciously lay at basis of the behavior of a people towards another, and which can determine possibilities of integration and cooperation among the different parties, will be central.