Collaborations of Horizon 2020

In Italy

  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs;;
  • The COSA, Center of Observation on African Studies (Milan);
  • Ethnor√™ma Association;
  • The SMA (African Mission Society);
  • Centre of Studies on the Eastern Desert (CeRDO).


  • The University of Leiden in Holland;
  • The Eritrean Ministry of Education;
  • The International Network of Italian Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies;
  • The African Borderlands Research Network (ABORNE), by the Centre of African Studies, Edinburgh, UK;
  • The Asien-Afrika-Institut of the University of Hamburg (Germany);
  • The University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
  • The University of Macall√® (Ethiopia);
  • The University of Aksum (Ethiopia);
  • The Research and Documentation Center of Eritrea;
  • The National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) of the Ministry of Culture for the Sudanese Government and the Ministry of Culture of the State of Kassala;
  • The University of Exeter;
  • The National Museum of Eritrea;
  • The Canadian Archaeological Mission in the Eastern Tigray (Ethiopia) of the Simon Fraser University (Eastern Tigray Archaeological Project);
  • The Mission of the Germanic Archaeological Institute in Wukro (Tigrai, Ethiopia);
  • The French Archaeological Unit inside the Service for Antiquities of Sudan (SFDAS);
  • The SCCRR Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in Kenya.